McDougle Campus & Gardens Beautification Committee

Welcome to Gardens and Grounds!

The PTA is looking forward to sprucing up the McDougle Elementary Campus this year and is looking for volunteers!! Fall is the perfect time of year to start. We are excited!!

We have 4 dates planned in October (Oct. 23 and 24) and November (6 and 7) with a focus of starting on the front of the school and moving towards the back. More information about times is found in the flyer!

So what can you do and where do we start?

  1. Sign up at to let us know what date(s) you will be joining us, and what supplies (such as wheelbarrows, shovels, and other gardening supplies) you can bring with you!

  2. If you have any contacts at Southern States, local tree nursery, or even Fitch Lumber- please the Committee know, as we plan on reaching out to plant/tree nurseries for donations.

  3. Email me if you are interested in joining this committee and helping to plan the next steps!

  4. Sign up for the committee listserv so you know when to be at campus with your gardening gloves!

If you are interested in seeing the full plan (with photos) it is available here.

All are welcome and all are needed so thank you!!

Garden and Grounds Info Flyer Oct 2021.pdf

Committee Updates: September 2021

On Monday (9/27/21) Heather Kennealy met for over an hour with a landscape designer (Amy Strunk, Strunk Designs) who graciously donated her time to brainstorm ideas and make recommendations to help our campus. Her trained eye was great. Of course, the laundry list is endless but there are a few areas that with a little help can really shine.

Committee Information

Committe Chair: Heather Kennealy, parent of a rambunctious 4th grader and 1st grader at McDougle Elementary School, is committee chair for the McDougle Campus and Gardens Beautification Committee which she has started to fondly start thinking of as Gardens and Grounds. She can be contacted at .