Staff Lounge Remodel 2022

This past weekend, a group of parent volunteers took time out of their busy schedules to work on our MES Staff Lounge. The renovation was completed in just one weekend!! We want to take a moment to thank MES parent Elizabeth Benson with Side Kick Designs, for all her assistance in making this project quick and easy. Photos from the remodeling efforts are here.

Thank you to Robby, Elizabeth, Heather, Sarah, Jessica, Brandon, Betty, Laura, and Kathleen for all their help this weekend!!! And also the MES and MMS students who joined in on the fun.

Staff Lounge Snack Donation Program

As a part of this renovation, the PTA would like to begin a Staff Appreciation program of providing snacks in the lounge to all MES staff members for the remainder of the year (ideally). The success of this program and being able to maintain it will depend on the generosity and support of parents in the MES community. The Staff Appreciation Committee has created an Amazon Wishlist: to provide parents with ideas of what types of snacks staff have enjoyed and love receiving. Parents are not required to purchase items from this list, however. You can choose to purchase items from any of your favorite stores and have them dropped off at the school's front desk. Additional donations that are not included on this list, but are highly appreciated are: fresh fruit and cheese sticks

If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to reach out to me at Thank you in advance for your support of our MES Staff!!!


Remodel Weekend March 12 and 13