Updated CHCCS Calendar (as of 3/8/21)

Download a printable calendar at

Changes to the calendar include:

  • Wednesday, March 17, Thursday, March 18 and Friday, March 19 are now teacher workdays. There will be no live or asynchronous instruction (except for Adapted Curriculum and SPIRE students who will follow the current schedule).

  • Hybrid Cohort A begins Monday, March 22. Cohort B begins Thursday, March 25.

  • Friday, March 26 is a regular day of school (was previously a teacher workday).

  • Spring Break remains intact. Students will be off March 29 through April 2.

  • Wednesday, April 7 is a teacher workday (was previously scheduled for April 12).

  • Monday, April 12 is a regular school day (was previously a teacher workday).

  • April 30 is a regular school day (was previously a remote day for all).

  • Last day of school will be Friday, June 11.

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