Way to Go Dolphins!

Wow! Thanks to your generosity and kindness, this year's fundraiser was a HUGE success. We received over $15,000 in donations for the PTA to support McDougle Elementary School and our children have completed over 500 acts of kindness! We cannot thank you enough for your efforts and contributions and we look forward to putting them to great use!

The MES PTA is always appreciative of any donations. The MES PTA is a registered 501(c)(3) tax-exempt organization (Tax Id #56-1976886). Unless otherwise specified, general monetary contributions throughout the year are used to fund initiatives such as supplemental instructional materials for classrooms, art and community building programs, and other areas of enrichment for our school.

If you are able to make a monetary contribution, you can donate electronically on the following platforms:



To contribute non-monetary donations, or to contribute by check or cash, please reach out to the MES PTA Executive Board by emailing Heather Thompson at If your company has a matching donations initiative, please consider adding the MES PTA to this program.

If you have any questions or suggestions, or if you are interested in joining the MES PTA Fundraising Committee, please email, and a Board Member will contact you as soon as possible. Thank you for your generosity and support!

PTA North Carolina Congress

McDougle Elementary School PTA

890 Old Fayetteville Road

Chapel Hill, NC 27516

Tax ID# 56-1976886

The MES PTA works hard to help ensure an enriching learning environment for our students, teachers and staff! All funds raised go directly back into enhancing the school experience for all students and staff. Cash and check are preferred, as electronic payments are charged processing fees.

Did you know the PTA:

  • Sponsored cultural enrichment programs and assemblies for all MES students (2019-2020 School Year)

  • Provides money to support teachers at each grade level at MES.

  • Sponsors community-building programs throughout the year. In 2019-2020, this included Meet Your Teacher, the Kindergarten Playdate, Family Culture Night, and Bowling Nights.

  • Organized the 2020 Virtual Staff Appreciation Week

  • Buys school spirit items for all MES staff

  • Organizes the Book Fair