After School Clubs

Spring 2024

Another session of after school clubs is here! Please click on the pictures below to be taken to registration. Most of our clubs fill up quickly and we will link to a wait-list if this happens. We sometimes have extra spots open up and we also use the wait-list to inform our decisions about offering future clubs. 

Our clubs are either run by the PTA or independent organizations. Please contact Karin Crozier at (and not school staff) with any questions. 

Fees collected by the PTA are used to pay stipends to club leaders, for supplies and materials, and for a scholarship fund for clubs with set costs. We are committed to offering all kids at MES the opportunity to participate in after school clubs. If your child would like to participate and needs a scholarship (covering 100% of the cost) please contact us!

Most of our clubs take place once a week and kids will go right to their club at 2:35pm on that day. 

All clubs dismiss the kids to the kiss-and-go lane at the front of the school. We do NOT have the staff to accompany kids to any other places but the front entrance. During the registration process you may indicate if your child (in grades 3-5) should leave out the back on their own to walk or bike home. Click here for more details regarding pick up and other club policies.

We’re always looking to add more clubs (especially sports and STEM) and would LOVE to find parents or other family members who can lead them (we can pay a small stipend.) We’re also looking for occasional volunteers to help with current clubs, please sign up here if you can help.  




This club is offered by Triangle Chess. The PTA faciliates and supports this opportunity.


This club is offered by North Carolina FC Youth. The PTA faciliates and supports this opportunity.

Ongoing clubs, not currently enrolling







MES After School Club Policies for Participants and Families

Dismissal and Pick-Up Procedures

Club leaders will accompany students to the front of the school and wait with them to be picked up via the kiss-and-go lane, usually at 3:45 or 4:00pm. If parents indicated that their students are backwalkers these students will be dismissed at the club location and are expected to make their own way to the back exit. We don’t have the staff to walk them out the back like teachers do at regular pick-up. Please make sure your student is comfortable with that. Students going to afterschool will be picked up at the club location by afterschool staff, but in case this doesn’t happen due to staffing issues kids will walk to the after school program on their own if they feel comfortable doing so. 

If you pick your child up via the kiss-and-go lane please  be on time! Make sure you pull all the way up to the front of the lane (where the first cone is, past the walkway to the main entrance). On some days multiple clubs end at the same time and a number of parents will want to pick up their kids. Club leaders have to stay there until the last kid is picked up and we want to make sure we’re respectful of their time. 

Bathroom Policy

Students will generally be allowed to walk to the bathrooms on their own, preferably in pairs. If a student seems too young or uncomfortable doing so an adult will accompany them, or they will be asked to wait until the end of the club session, or an older, responsible, same-sex student will accompany them.

Behavioral Expectations for Participants

Students are expected to be respectful towards club leaders, fellow participants, and the materials and their surroundings. This means that students follow instructions given by the club leaders, respect the other childrens’ space and materials, and address club leaders and other students in a courteous manner. Students will take care not to damage, misuse or disarrange any materials or furniture. Offensive language or physical violence will not be tolerated. 

If club leaders find that a student is not following these rules after being reminded they will discuss this with the PTA Club Manager and the student’s parents will be contacted to let them know that their child’s behavior is interrupting the club activities. If the behavior does not improve the student will be dismissed from the club permanently, and will likely not get the opportunity to participate in other clubs. A refund can only be given if this occurs during the first three weeks of club meetings.

Absence Policy for Participants:

Students have to be present for dismissal in order to be able to go to clubs after school. Missing school for appointments or other reasons earlier in the day will not prevent students from participating in clubs, as long as they are at school later in the day for dismissal.

Cancellation Policy:

If a club has to be canceled due to sickness or weather we will try our best to contact caregivers by 12pm of that day. If the cancellation occurs after that time the club leader or a parent volunteer will supervise the kids inside the library or another school location.