Let's Talk About Race

Our school-wide theme for 2019-2020 was McDougle Elementary ME4: Equity and Excellence for Every Student, Every Day. To achieve this, we must each be willing to participate in critical conversations about race, equity, and justice, in order to create sustained action and healing. As we move into this school year, we invite all members of the McDougle Family to continue to put our school wide theme into practice, knowing that this will continue to be an ongoing process.

 One way in which the MES PTA can help foster this goal is by serving as a local and educational resource. We also hope that you will join us at upcoming meetings and events so that we can continue to learn and grow as a community. We encourage you to consider this page as one of many potential starting points.

Resource List from the MES Parent and Caregiver Equity Training

Thank you to Ms. Hudson for both compiling this list of resources as well as sharing it with the MES community! 

Ms. Howard's Message "Let's Talk About Race - Resources for Parents" (updated 6/16/2020)

The following are resources for parents that want to talk to their kids about racism and injustice but aren't sure how. Hopefully these resources will help spark discussion and lead to action and healing. Our young people are definitely the ones that will lead the change this nation needs.




https://www.cnn.com/2020/06/06/app-news-section/cnn-sesame-street-race-town-hall-app-june-6-2020-app/index.html (excerpts from CNN/Sesame Street town hall)

23 Children's Books on Race (Because It's Never Too Early to Learn), published by Self: https://www.self.com/gallery/childrens-books-on-race

CNN/Sesame Street Coming Together: Standing Up to Racism

On June 6, 2020, CNN and Sesame Street partnered to create a town hall program titled Coming Together: Standing Up to Racism. You can watch the full program at https://www.cnn.com/2020/06/06/us/cnn-sesame-street-town-hall-racism-trnd/index.html 

District Resources and Statements

CHCCS Office of Equity and Inclusion:  https://www.chccs.org/Page/10377#calendar14581/20200604/month