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Andrew Nenque

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Executive Offices

President: Heather Kennealy

My name is Heather S. Kennealy. Our family currently has one child in 5th grade and one in 2nd grade at McDougle Elementary. I am an attorney working for the U.S. Coast Guard, specializing in environmental enforcement litigation. This year is my second year as a member of the MES PTA. Last year I served as a Member at Large and headed up the Campus Beautification project as well as supported our fall fundraising initiative. With other great volunteers I have supported our End of the Year celebration at Hank Anderson Park…2 years in a row!

Past volunteer experience has included serving several years on my law school alumni board in a variety of roles and while living overseas I was honored to serve as Vice President for the International Women's Club of Moldova. My work in Moldova focused on raising funds for charities supporting women, elderly, and special needs children. In my younger years I also served as an Americorps volunteer teaching environmental science in schools in the Atlanta area, restoring eroded stream banks, and building school community gardens as well as nature walks.

Why I choose to volunteer? My husband (Brian Kennealy) and I chose to live close to MES so we can be fully engaged parents which means supporting not only our children but also our teachers, staff, and Ms. Jones in whatever way we can. Having a strong PTA is an essential element to having a strong school. It is important for our children to have an organization that can supplement what a school can do on its own so the learning experience(s) made available through the school can be as fulfilling as possible for every child. We have a great community supporting MES; I am excited to be part of bringing those resources and ideas to the school for the students and our teachers. Being a member of the PTA is one way I can better assist our school as its advocate. I am sincerely appreciative of this opportunity and look forward to utilizing my past volunteer experiences in supporting this vital organization!

1st VP: Elena Tenenbaum

I’m Elena Tenenbaum. Next year, I will have one Kindergartner and one 4th grader. I’m also a psychologist and researcher. Last year I was the Co-Secretary and helped lead the fundraising efforts.

Why I choose to volunteer: When we moved to Chapel Hill four years ago, we spent one year at a different elementary school before moving to McDougle. When my daughter started at McDougle as a 1st grader, I volunteered with the McDougle PTA to learn more about the school and found a wonderfully welcoming and collaborative group. I have so enjoyed getting to meet the families, teachers, and school staff that I've encountered in this role. We are incredibly grateful for all that our teachers and staff do for our kids and I want to give back in some small way by supporting their efforts!

2nd VIce President: Heather Thompson

3rd Vice President & Book Fair Committee Chair: Jess Amsbary

VP3: My name is Jessica Amsbary. Next year, our family will have one daughter who will be in the fourth grade. I am a clinicial professor and researcher UNC - Chapel Hill in the School of Education and FPG Child Development Institute where I work to support early childhood educators and ensure inclusive, culturally responsive, and family centered services for all young children with and without disabilities. During the 2021-2022 school year, I served as VP3 and book fair chair, and served as co-book fair chair in 2020-2021 and 2019-2020.

Why I choose to volunteer? I love McDougle. I am inspired by the teachers and staff who work tirelessly to meet the needs of all students and families in the community. My family has been fortunate enough to be in the McDougle community since our daughter was in kindergarten and we participate in as many activities as we can. I look forward to continued service to such an awesome place!

Secretary: Amy Shaw

Secretary: My name is Amy Shaw, and my husband and I have a son in kindergarten and daughter in fourth grade. I was previously a Microbiologist in the pharmaceutical industry, and I am now managing our family farm — raising and breeding chickens, setting up our bee hives, and starting our new garden. I was a member of the PTA at the Montessori pre-school our kids attended. During the 2021 - 2022 school year I was a member of the PTA at MES, helped with the Gardens and Grounds committee, and was a class parent.

Why I choose to volunteer? This past year was our first year in Carrboro after moving down from Hillsborough, and we have already met so many wonderful people at MES! Our family immediately felt welcomed into the community as parents and students. I have enjoyed participating volunteer activities such as the gardening events to help clean up the school campus and provide a beautiful space for the teachers and students. We have always desired to raise our kids to be kind and helpful people, and try to lead by example. I am looking forward to continuing to support projects through the PTA and connecting with the school community!

Treasurer: Leah Milks

Treasurer: My name is Leah Milks and I am a bookkeeper by trade. I have a son and daughter that will be in 2nd and 4th grades respectively next year. We recently moved to NC from Tampa, FL. Next year will be our 2nd year at MES.

Why I choose to volunteer? I enjoy being involved in my children's education, and I believe that parent involvement is crucial to the success of our school system.

Board of Directors

Communications Committee Chair: Jennifer Soliman

Communications Chair: My name is Jennifer Soliman. Next year, our family will have twins who will be rising third graders. I am a Fourth Grade Instructional Assistant at McDougle and I previously worked at a non profit organization on our e-learning initiative. During the 2019-2020 school year, I was a Member of the PTA and helped with the book fair, I served as Secretary during the 2020-2021 school year and this past year 2021-2022, I was the PTA President.

Why I choose to volunteer? Our school is an amazing community and I want to support it in any way I can. I’ve enjoyed meeting and working with many Dolphins over the past year and I hope to keep learning and growing with everyone as my children grow.

Member at Large & PTA COUNCIL REP: Andrea Lorenz Nenque

Member at large: My name is Andrea Lorenz Nenque. Next year, I will have a second and fourth grader at MES. I am a full-time PhD student/instructor at UNC. During the 2021-22 school year, I worked with parents at MES and other schools to attain equitable funds for outdoor lunch facilities throughout the district. As a member-at-large next year, I would like to increase modes of communication and help facilitate collective action for the benefit of students and teachers. I plan to do this through collaborating with the district PTA Council and by actively seeking input and ideas from parents and teachers to pinpoint areas the PTA can help improve upon at the school and district level.

Member at Large: Maria Bolanos

My name is Maria Bolaños. My son Maximiliano will be in third grade next year and his sister Ruby will be three years old. I am currently a Stay Home Mom with a passion for crafting and all things baking! I am stepping out of my comfort zone and joining the PTA to advocate for the school and all the amazing teachers that are part of MES. I also want to learn more about the PTA and the different ways it provides so much for our school.I am hoping to share my knowledge with the people I know and become a bridge so more parents in the hispanic community can join and be part of it too! I look forward to continuing to work with you all this upcoming year!

Member at Large: Corie Gallemore

Member at Large: My name is Corie Gallemore, and I am a stay-at-home mom to three daughters who are currently in third grade, kindergarten, and quickly approaching 1 year old. My husband and I grew up in North Carolina, moved to Chicago for 7 years, and are happy to have recently moved back to Chapel Hill.

Why I volunteer: My kids spend almost as much time at school as with me so I want to support their teachers and their school in any way I can.

Advocacy Committee Chair: Stefanie Kotzen

My name is Stefanie Kotzen. I am the mother of a rising first grader and a one year old baby. I am a Licensed Clinical Social Worker and worked for our school district for five years as a School Social Worker.

I would like to volunteer for MES because I value the school, teachers, community and especially the children. I have been impressed this year by our first experience at the school and how well my son has grown. I look forward to not only continuing watching his growth as a student but also being able to volunteer and connect with the school on a greater whole. I feel that my skills and experience within the school district will be an asset to my volunteer work with the PTA. I look forward with great anticipation in beginning this experience with MES.

Audit Committee Chair & Dad's Network Committee: Andrew Nenque

My name is Andrew Nenque and next year our family will have a 2nd and 5th grader attending McDougle Elementary. I am an IT program & project management consultant working with retail companies like Food Lion, Giant Martins and Academy.

Why I choose to volunteer? Collaborating and coordinating with McDougle parents as part of this year's tent setup was a great experience and effort towards helping the children of McDougle. I want to continue these types of efforts and I am fortunate to be in a position to help others and enjoy using my skills to make a difference. Supporting the children, teachers and staff of McDougle allows me to give back to the community and work to make a difference in people's lives.

Fundraising Committee Chair: Karin Crozier

Fundraising Co-Chair: My name is Karin Crozier. As of next year, I'll have a second grader and a fifth grader at MES, and my stepson will be in his first year in highschool. I have a graduate degree in psychology and have worked in psychiatric research at both Duke and UNC. I'm currently a full time parent, part time volunteer in various capacities, and when I'm not busy with the kids I can usually be found walking our dogs or cuddling our cats!

Why I choose to volunteer? I believe our children do best when the school, parents and greater community work together to teach and care for them. I have the luxury of being a full-time at-home parent and want to use my time and resources to not only benefit my own children, but the school community as a whole, in particular when it comes to issues such as equity and inequality. I've been volunteering with Families Helping Families and the Clothes Closet for several years and have been a room parent for five years straight. With my youngest in school full time now I would like to explore additional ways to work with other MES parents, staff members, and individuals and groups from the community to benefit our school and our kids!

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