Equity Advisory Council and the Office of Equity and Inclusion

The Chapel Hill-Carrboro City School District has a long-standing awareness of the importance of creating an equitable learning environment for all students and staff and developing collaborative partnerships with families and stakeholders that represent our diverse community. The Office of Equity and Inclusion will work to eliminate inequities by disrupting systems that have historically marginalized students through student empowerment and district support.

Gifted Program Advisory Council

GPAC Purpose

To advocate for students who need differentiated approaches for advanced instruction in order to meet their academic and intellectual needs.

  • To improve the overall quality of gifted programming for students in K-12.

  • To foster clear and constructive communications among parents, schools, and the school district.

GPAC Function

  • To provide direct support for implementation of the focus practices of the 2019-2022 Plan Cycle.

  • To provide feedback to the parent and educational communities regarding the status and implementation of gifted programming at respective schools.

  • To recommend strategies for improving services and opportunities to students in K-12.

  • To serve as a liaison for sharing of programmatic successes and constructive feedback among the district, school and parent groups in our community.

Special Needs Advisory Council

The Special Needs Advisory Council (SNAC) strives to represent the interests of Exceptional Children (EC) students, with the goal of helping to improve the educational experience of EC students and promote inclusion and awareness to benefit all students in the CHCCS district. A full discussion of SNAC, including its purpose, meeting calendar, and Bylaws, are found at

Reminder of Virtual Transition Fair Event:

"May 13th 6:30pm- 8:00pm - What You Need to Know As Your Child Becomes An Adult"

Links to attend:

Target Audience:

Families of children with disabilities

  • Guardianship and Other Options When Your Child Turns 18 and Becomes a Legal Adult

  • Applying for Social Security Insurance and Medicaid

  • New CHCCS Webpage with Community Resources for Transportation, Housing, and Recreation

Looking forward to you joining us for this opportunity to learn more about transition to adulthood as well as hearing from parents who have gone through this process.

SNAC End of Year Meeting will be on June 8th.

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