McDougle Elementary School PTA

Informational Parent Sessions (March 11, 2021)

MES will host grade level reopening parent sessions on March 11th from 6pm-7:45pm. The schedule will be as follows.

Grade Level Session 1 - 6:00pm-6:30pm

Grade Level Session 2 - 6:35pm - 7:05pm

EC/ESL and Gifted Education Session - 7:15pm-7:45pm

Principal Session - 7:15pm - 7:45pm

Each family (regardless of learning commitment) is invited to attend one grade level session. If there are still questions, parents may come to the "Principal Session" for clarity.

EC, ESL and Gifted Education will also have drop -in sessions to answer questions as well.

Grade level sessions will be available in English and Spanish.

Meeting codes will be shared before the sessions.

MES Reopening Supplemental Supply Drive

In anticipation of MES moving into a blended learning model, the PTA is assisting in gathering supplies for in-person learning. The district has already provided MES with cleaning supplies and face masks, but the PTA wants to help provide extra materials for each classroom. Additionally, as the water fountains have been turned off, we want to help make sure that students have access to water refills by having extra water bottles for each class.

The PTA has created an Amazon Smile wishlist While this list is convenient, we have noticed that some of these supplies, in particular the water bottles, may be far less expensive at local stores. It is not necessary to use the Amazon list to contribute - all donations are welcome, and may be dropped off at MES. We will be updating the Amazon Smile list regularly, as supply needs evolve and change.

In order to build up a reserve of supplies, in particular water bottles, we will begin collecting supplies on March 1. If you are able, please sign up to drop off water bottles using the Sign-Up Genius

Thank you in advance for your support and generosity! And thanks to those who have already contributed or signed up!

Congratulations to all of the MES "Of the Years" winners

Teacher of the Year - Morgan Hunt (5th Grade Teacher)

Classified Staff of the Year - Amy Porter (Special Education Inclusion Facilitator)

Exceptional Children Student Services Staff of the Year - Aveni Ghosh (School Counselor)

Pre-K and Headstart Registration (2021-2022)

If you have a 3 or 4 year old or know someone who does, please see this enrollment information.

Mission: Make every child's potential a reality by engaging and empowering families and communities to advocate for all children.

Welcome to the 2020-2021 school year at McDougle Elementary!

The PTA provides a link between school, home and the wider community. We work together to organize events and raise funds to support children’s learning and to make the environment for our students the best it can be.

We encourage you to use this website to access current information about PTA events, volunteer needs, contacts, committee activities, and meeting minutes, as well as find printable forms and useful links.

There are so many opportunities to help make McDougle an even better place for our children and many of these are through the PTA. So, we look forward to having you join and thank you in advance for giving your time and energy to support your school, children and community.

We are proud to be a part of this wonderful community of students, parents, teachers and supporters!

¡Bienvenidos al año escolar 2020-2021 en McDougle Elementary!

El PTA proporciona un vínculo entre la escuela, el hogar y la comunidad en general. Trabajamos juntos para organizar eventos y recaudar fondos para apoyar el aprendizaje de los niños y hacer que el entorno para nuestros estudiantes sea el mejor posible.

Le recomendamos que utilice este sitio web para acceder a información actualizada sobre los eventos del PTA, las necesidades de los voluntarios, los contactos, las actividades del comité y las actas de las reuniones, así como para encontrar formularios imprimibles y enlaces útiles.

Hay tantas oportunidades para ayudar a que McDougle sea un lugar aún mejor para nuestros niños y muchas de ellas son a través del PTA. Por lo tanto, esperamos que se una y le agradecemos de antemano por dar su tiempo y energía para apoyar a su escuela, sus niños y su comunidad.

¡Estamos orgullosos de ser parte de esta maravillosa comunidad de estudiantes, padres, maestros y seguidores!

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